Frequently Asked Questions

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Every candle is hand-poured by me in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I pour in small batches of six to ensure quality and consistency in the final product, resulting in the best possible candle burning experience.

Every Westward candle is lovingly blended and poured by hand. Our 100% soy wax candles are made with wax from domestically grown soybeans. We use premium phthalate-free fragrance oils and cotton braided wicks.

Westward candles are scented with fragrance oils that are specifically formulated for candle making and are a blend of essential oils and synthetic fragrance. As someone who suffers from migraines it was important to me to source fragrance oils that are free from any of the harsh chemicals that can trigger headaches. More importantly, I wanted to ensure that my candles are safe for everyone to enjoy. Westward candles are always free of phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins, and acute toxins.

The rate of cooling can impact whether the wax sets smooth or a little rough and bumpy.  This is true both when I hand-pour the original candle and also after burning.  This is a normal characteristic of soy wax and does not affect the performance of your candle whatsoever.

Yes, the wick should always be trimmed before every lighting. Trimming the wick prior to lighting will provide:

- proper flame size

- safest & cleanest burn

- better illumination

- candle longevity

- better fragrance experience