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Westward Candle Company

Old Town Hippie Store Wax Melts

Old Town Hippie Store Wax Melts

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Every great city has at least one store like this. You know, the one with the beaded curtains where you can buy incense and all things patchouli, tie-dye, and hemp. In my experience, the best ones are always in the old part of town. I love these stores and the way they smell. Westward's Old Town Hippie Store wax melts take you there.

N O T E    P R O F I L E
Top  |  orange blossom
Middle  |  cedar • patchouli • clove
Base  |  incense • tonka bean

Wax Melt
• 100% soy wax
• Phthalate-free premium fragrance oil
• 1 Snap bar approximately 1.8 oz
• Plastic Free - compostable packaging

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